Message from the Language Center Director

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pradit Nareerak

Dear KPRU students, Welcome back to KPRU, your second home. I hope that you had a wonderful summer break, enjoying the wonderful time with your family, friends, and beloved ones. Now, it is the time you have to be back to the university which is regarded as your second home. After the long vacation, you might miss the classroom atmosphere and your lovely classmates. I hope that you all come back with the renewed energy, and are hungry to learn new things from your teachers. Even though the university divides the semester into two periods, June and August this year, that is not a problem. Life must go on. The bright future is waiting for you all. I know you cannot wait to see the new faces who are coming in the university. Your duty is to study and get knowledge from your teachers so, you can apply this in real life situation. Everyone knows that Thailand will join the Asean community in 2017. Therefore, English will have an important role in this region. Those who do not know English will be left behind, and it might be difficult for them to get a good job and high salary. This is the time for you to cultivate knowledge from KPRU, your beloved university.

Issue 27 Jan - April 2020

Issue 26 Nov - Dem 2020



Nongluk Chanpichai
Director, Language Center